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Great Pyrenees Adult Dog and Lori... learn more about us - go hereWelcome, and thanks for visiting Great-Pyrenees.us.  As our name implies, this is a site about Great Pyrenees dogs; one of the finest dog breeds in the world. We are not breeders, dealers, kennel owners or anything remotely related to the professional business of dogs.  Unlike other sites, we prefer to chat with you about our Pyr just like we would if we were having dinner together.  We're not like those pretentious dog owners everyone pokes fun at... we don't "show" our Lilly except to friends who stop by for a visit.

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We're also not like those who see their pets as livestock.  Our pooch is a member of the family.  Like our kids, she sometimes drives us crazy and does things we'd prefer she didn't, but we love her and treat her with fondness and respect.  So settle in friend, and let us tell you about our Pyr.  If you want to know a little more about us, go here.

We happen to own and love our very own Great Pyrenees named Lilly Belle.  Actually, her full registered name is "Dame Stargazer Lilly Belle" (don't look at me, that was my wife's idea)


Although she now weighs almost 100 pounds and looks like a mature, full-sized dog, she is still - and acts like - a puppy.  This breed makes wonderful watchdogs and loyal, fantastic pets.  They are great with children and cats (we have three of each - kids and cats), and their temperament makes them well suited as the ideal family dog.

Hip Dysplasia in Large Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative condition of the pelvic joints that can lead to severe pain and partial paralysis in large dogs. Left untreated, it can be debilitating, but with the help of surgery, the leg can be restored, and oftentimes better than the dog ever enjoyed.

Our Great Pyrenees, Lilly Belle, underwent an operation on her left hip to correct her hip dysplasia.  We are now mid-way through the healing process and we can see a huge difference.  The biggest problem is keeping her on one floor and not being able to let her walk (or run) off the leash.  The doctor's instructions were quite specific and we will be telling everything we've learned about hip dysplasia on this website.  See Lilly's x-rays and a video of her prior to hip replacement surgery and post recovery.

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Great Pyrenees Videos

Wow!  We did it.  We've pulled together the largest collection of Pyr videos you'll find anywhere... I guarantee it.  See our library of Great Pyrenees videos and enjoy watching dogs from around the world.  From puppies to grand seniors, we have collected the best videos for your enjoyment.

Pyr's Book Review

A New Owner's Guide to Great Pyrenees is designed to assist new owners in all facets of living with this energetic working breed. From selecting the right Great Pyrenees to answering the most frequently asked questions regarding health, nutrition, and training, this detailed guide offers the owner sound advice on how to raise a healthy and happy dog for a lifetime of fun and companionship.

We bought this book and highly recommend it to new owners of Pyrs.  It will give you vital insight to your dog's behavior.  Trust me, you will need it!

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Does Your Dog Eat The Cat Food?

Our Lilly is a cat food junkie. If left alone, she will steal the cat's food before they've had a chance to turn their noses up at the chef's food du jour.  To keep the cat food out of reach of the dog - but within reach of the cats - we built a nifty little dog-proof cat feeder.  See our dog-proof cat feeder here...

Of Skunks And Pyrs

Do you know what to do if your dog tangles with a skunk?  We learned the hard way, and most importantly, we learned what NOT do Even if the threat of skunk attacks is not a problem in your area, you will enjoy reading about Lilly, the skunk slayer...

Driving Miss Lilly

If you're like we are, you want to take your dog everywhere you go.  Great Pyrenees are LARGE dogs and our dog Lilly loves to travel in our truck (or mama's car).  To make it easier for her and give her some room see how we made our DIY "Lilly Pad"...

Walk your Pyr on icy roads?

Walking your Pyr with an ATVIt is winter now and your pooch might like the cold and snow, but those of us who navigate on two legs have a problem on icy roads.  See how we solved the problem of giving our pooch the exercise she needs when the weather isn't fit for man or beast. Being dragged on the ice by a 100 lb. puppy is not my idea of fun!  Get the right leash and the right motorized vehicle and read the story...

Is It Mite Season?

If your dog has been scratching his ears a lot lately, there might be a problem.  When you check to see that it is that is causing your dog the problem, if you noticed a dark discoloration and a foul smell coming from the troubled ear your dog very well could be the victim of ear mites. Read this new article about canine ear mites...

Dogs are good therapy

Anyone who owns a dog already knows this . . . but a new study shows that dogs keep our hearts alive.  Researchers have found that patients interacting with dogs report that anxiety levels fell 24 percent and stress hormone rates fell 17 percent. Pulmonary pressures dropped 10 percent. Read the story...

Great Pyrenees Hero

A Pyr named Kodiak is trained to protect his sheep from predators, but recently a threat came from a serious fire. When the barn holding pregnant ewes and yearlings caught fire in the early morning hours, Diane Pagel awoke to see her barn engulfed in flames.  Read about this heroic dog...

"Gentle Giants"

Great Pyrenees (Pyrenean Mountain Dogs) have had their roots traced all the way back to the Bronze Age.  Pyrs are large, magnificent looking creatures that stand from 27 to 32 inches at the shoulder and can weigh upwards of 100 pounds.  As with many of the large breeds, Great Pyrenees are known to be gentle with children and cats, which is how they earned the title of gentle giants.  Great Pyrenees are predominately white in color with tan, gray or reddish brown patches.

Great Pyrenees dogs make great family pets

Many have badger-type markings on their faces.  As puppies, these colorings can be quite pronounced and they may intensify or lessen as the dog matures.  This splendid animal has a dense weather-resistant double coat that shields them from intense cold. Their inner layer of fur is short and thick and acts as an insulation layer.  The outer layer is long and flowing and offers protection from the elements.  Be aware that beautiful flowing long hair means a great deal of shedding.  More about Pyr's shedding (coat blowing).

Great Pyrenees are fearless as they were bred to guard flocks of sheep from predators like wolves and bears.  These are very intelligent dogs.  They oftentimes spent much time alone were responsible for making decisions to protect the flock.  Because of this they can be headstrong or appear stubborn, but don't confuse this with a lack of intelligence.  As puppies, this behavior will remind you of dealing with a toddler.  During WWII, Great Pyrenees were used by the French Army to transport messages.

Although they prefer to live outdoors, human companionship and attention is craved and rewarded by tireless devotion and family protection.  Great Pyrenees have a low metabolism and usually a smaller appetite than you would expect, but they do require plenty of exercise and lots of space. BTW, See great puppy training tips...

Meet Our (Really) Great Pyrenees

From tiny fur-ball puppies to full-grown adults, the Great Pyrenees breed is one of the finest and most loving dogs your family could choose as a pet.  Although they are wonderful with children and cats, find out if a Pyr is right for you.


Great Pyrenees Puppy... learn more about us - go here

Great Pyrenees Growth Expectations

If you do not presently own a Great Pyrenees and are trying to find out more about the breed, we offer some tips that we have learned from first hand experience.  All puppies are cute, cuddly and small.  But some puppies grow up to be BIG dogs and the Great Pyrenees is such a critter.  My wife and I took more pictures of our puppy than we did of our children (sorry kids), and on this page you can see how she grew and changed during that first year.  See how our Great Pyrenees transformed into an adult Pyr.  


Great Pyrenees Club of America is the AKC licensed member club of the breed in the United States.  From humble beginnings... What was originally a peasant's shepherd dog, the Great Pyrenees (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) evolved into the Royal Dog of France and is loved and highly prized today throughout the world. This is an ancient breed that dates back more than 10,000 years and is approximately the same size as the European Grey Wolf. To learn more about its history, click here.

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A Pyr off-leash is a dis-a-Pyr



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