Our Furry Family Members

About Us

We're animal lovers.  Specifically, cats and dogs - we're not fond of anything with scales.  No, we're not tree huggers and we're not out to "teach the world to sing in perfect harmony".  We just happen to really love our pets... and we have a number of unique and special pets.  Unmistakably, this site focuses on our Great Pyrenees, Lilly Belle, but we also have three cats as four-legged family members.  If you want to read about Puff & Pooh, see their website here.  Our outside "mouser" is named Minnie and you can visit Miss Minnie's Cat House.

Why Do We Do This?

As I mentioned, we love our critters.  According to Lori, this picture below exemplifies her reason for having furry babies.  Now that Lilly is too big to rest on mama's shoulder, she still is required to suffer countless hugs and kisses from mom.


Pets A-Plenty

We've always had pets and we are fortunate to have had some very unique animals.  Prior to Lilly Belle, we had an unsettling experience with a beautiful "Karelian Bear Dog" we named Sugarbear.  We got her as a puppy and she was developing into a wonderful pet.  Unfortunately, we made the mistake of putting her in an outside kennel while she was wearing her collar.  In her attempt to dig under the fence, her collar got tangled with the chain link fence and she chocked herself.  We only had Sugarbear for a few short months, but she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Before Sugarbear, we were blessed with a cute little (Heinz 57) Pekepoo named Pepper who lived with us for fourteen years.  Pepper could have won an award for "Miss Personality".  She was an ideal family pet; ever faithful and always willing to please.

We make our home in NW Montana, which we believe is the most beautiful part of this great country of ours.  From the weather to the wildlife (deer, elk, bears, etc.), this is a very special place and if you love the outdoors, this is Paradise.  Glacier National Park is just up the highway and Flathead Lake is only minutes away.

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