Getting Rid Of Canine Ear Mites 

If your dog has been scratching his ears a lot lately, there might be a problem.  When you check to see that it is that is causing your dog the problem, if you noticed a dark discoloration and a foul smell coming from the troubled ear your dog very well could be the victim of ear mites. 

You are probably wondering what ear mites are and if there is a way to get rid of them.  You want to know if ear mites will affect your dog’s ability to hear or if they will spread to the other dogs in your house, then you will find your answers in this article. 

Ear mites are miniscule parasites that eat the skin within your dog’s ear.  An ear mite’s tentacles irritate the ear canal, causing your dog to become more susceptible to fungi and bacterial infections. 

When it comes to the question as to whether or not ear mites can spread into your other dogs, the answer is yes.  Ear mites tend to wander away from the dog’s ear and into its coat where it waits, hoping to find its way onto another dog’s ear.  Because an ear mite can shift so easily between dogs, they are able to quickly transplant themselves from a mother to her puppies. 

Ear mites cause your dog to shake its head, constantly scratch its ear, excessively rub the ear against walls or other things, and have a dark, waxy- discharge.  Your dog’s ear may also have a shadowed, crusty patch while it usually emanates a horrible odor. 

Immediately see a veterinarian if you think your dog is infected with ear mites. Treating ear mites early in their development can stop a much more critical ear infection from occurring. Treatment for the ear mites will consist of an insecticide wash that kills the pests, if your vet does find the existence of ear mites present. 

The vet will tell you that this treatment will continue at home each day, for about three full weeks, but the amount of time required depends on the size of the infection. 

There is one other thing that your veterinarian might ask you to do after prescribing medicine to kill the ear mites.  The doctor might request that you buy a flea powder so that you can apply it to the dog.  If you have other dogs and cats your vet might ask you to treat them as well.  Whatever amount of time your Vet does prescribe you treat your pet, carry on as you have been instructed, this is crucial.  If you cut short the amount of time you use the pesticide, the ear mites’ eggs might start a new infection on your pet’s ear. 

By Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, the orthopedic dog bed store 



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