Barking Dogs

Pyrs bark . . . . . . a lot!

Yeah, I know, all dogs bark; some bark for specific reasons and others just love to hear their own voice.  Great Pyrenees fall into that second group.  As watch dogs, they bark at anything that moves and some things that don't. Click the button on the pic at right to hear a great bark!


If one lives in a quiet neighborhood or an apartment, sharing space with a Great Pyrenees can be taxing for all concerned.  Pyrs are excellent watch dogs and take their job very seriously. Their bark and growl can sound truly menacing to an outsider who does not know the dog.  Our pooch sounds like a ferocious killer guard dog - not the sweet (if not noisy) sweetheart that we know her to be.  So, if you need a watch dog, but can't provide the space for a Great Pyrenees, you can have a "fake" watch dog on duty 24 hours per day.  See below...

great security idea (Sans Dog)

Order Your Robo Dog Alarm System Today!The Robo-Dog Barking Alarm Kit simulates a real, angry dog barking, making it the perfect watchdog for anyone home alone. Use the included Keychain Remote to scare off intruders at the touch of a button!  Works with motion detector.

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Monitor your dog's behavior on your computer. While you are away... get an inexpensive wireless solution - a "nanny cam" for your canine!



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