Ready for Runnin'

Okay, our "prototype" may not look like it belongs in shrink-wrap and hanging on a retail pegboard, but it is a great first effort and gets the job done. The quick release 'lock' permits me to hook up the dog in the house, walk over to the garage and attach the leash to the ATV. Then we're off for a well deserved run (Lilly runs, I steer).

  1. Flexi All-Belt retractable leash

  2. This end to dog's collar

  3. Lock down block secures leash to ATV

  4. Bolts securing the bracket to the ATV rack (see #7)

  5. Contoured leash holder keeps the belt in a free-flowing position.

  6. Main bracket body

  7. Bottom brace is oversized and secures the bracket to the ATV rack.


Flexi All-Belt 3 Retractable Belt Leash (Large; 16' Length; Green; For Dogs Up To 150 lbs.) Whatever your reason... it's too cold, there's ice on the road, snow's too deep, I'm too tired, I'm too old or the old standby, "I just don't feel like it right now". The Flexi retractable leash is a winner - for winter or summer pooch patrolling!

Mush Lilly, Mush!!!

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  • See our other project of how we travel with Lilly on her "Lilly Pad".



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