Who Keeps the dogs out?

Who?  Who?  I do!

Our Lilly is a thief.  She will steal any unattended cat food given the slightest opportunity.  We tried putting the cat food bowls on top of the counter - pushed all the way to the back, but our BIG puppy could reach it with her paw, drag it forward and the food disappears in one gulp.  The problem was how do we place the food out of the dog's reach, but accessible to the cats - and the cats' owners?  The cats may not mind eating on top of the china closet, but that wasn't an acceptable solution to us.

The light bulb came on when I watched the thief in action.  The rear of the countertop was about as far as Lilly could stretch and snatch the food dish.  By elevating the bowls a few inches, we removed them from the thief's reach.  I made a simple holder to secure the bowls and attached it to the wall with drywall anchors. 

  1. The bowls rest inside a cut-out that permits easy removal for cleaning

  2. The holder is fastened securely to the wall with screw-in drywall anchors

  3. Three holes were drilled and dowels inserted across the grain to add strength and prevent warping.

You don't have to be a master craftsman to build this simple project. The only tools required are a drill and a jig saw, a few screws and some glue.  Hey, it's a cat feeder, not a centerpiece for the dining room table.  Cost of materials including the bowls (from the Dollar Store) is about $5.00.  Good luck!



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