They Grow Up So Fast...

We picked up our Great Pyrenees puppy from a Montana breeder, the J Bar Stenberg Ranch, on October 16, 2004 and brought her home.  The pictures below chronicle the growth stages of our Lilly Belle.  This will give you an idea of how quickly they mature (in size). 

October   2005
Meeting Lilly's mother and saying goodbye Riding in the truck on mom's lap Being introduced to our cats, Puff and Pooh
All puppies are cute Puff and Pooh and Lilly Belle too! Lilly and Pooh sleeping together
March May July
Lilly dancing with mom Lap Dog? Lilly and Pooh

From 12 To 100 Pounds

It took only one year for our Great Pyrenees to grow from a tiny 12 pound fur ball to a 100 pound pooch.  These pictures illustrate the dramatic growth of this breed.  Typically these dogs don't fully mature until 2+ years and can continue growing during this time.

The top row of pictures shows Lilly the day we brought her home.  The first pic is Lilly and her mother.

Click on any picture at left for a larger view.




Lilly home from the beauty shop

Home from the Beauty Shop
Lilly and mom getting reacquainted after Lilly spent the day at the beauty shop.  Her post-winter grooming is to prep her for spring, the "muddy season".

A walk with Lilly

Walking Lilly, pictures of a Sunday walk in Montana.

Driving Miss Lilly

If you're like we are, you want to take your dog everywhere you go.  Great Pyrenees are LARGE dogs and our Lilly loves to travel in our truck (or mama's car).  Check out our DIY "Lilly Pad"...

Don't miss seeing our library of Great Pyrenees videos and enjoy watching dogs from around the world.

Interesting Dog Stuff...

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