Our Custom Dog Kennel

We live in NW Montana and our kennel serves two purposes; to keep our pooch safe from nighttime predators (mountain lions, bears, (and skunks), etc.) and protect her from the weather.  Our dog kennel (pictured here) is 6' wide by 10' long and 6' high.  It is covered by a roof with a one foot overhang.  The kennel was inexpensive to build.  We used a common chain link kennel as our "base", added a roof of 2x4's and metal roofing supported by two saplings we harvested from our property.  Bingo, the perfect shelter for an outside dog.

Dog Kennel


To prevent Lilly from digging under the fence, we laid 5/8" OS plywood as a floor and lined the walls with 1/4 round tree slabs.  This is overkill, but after suffering the loss of a dog who tried to dig under the fence and chocked herself to death when her collar got caught, we're a little over protective of Lilly.

Lilly's "play area" is much larger than most.  We are fortunate to live on a 5 acre plot, so we stretched 48" ranch fence around a one acre area.  Believe me, this was no small project.  We now have the utmost respect for farmers and ranchers who must install such fencing. 

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