Pooh the cat meets Lilly the dog

Lilly Belle Meets The Cats

We were not quite sure what to expect when we introduced our Great Pyrenees puppy to her future housemates, Puff and Pooh.  You must understand that these are "poster cats" for the definition of spoiled rotten. 

As it turned out, Puff and Pooh were curious and tended to give Lilly some space initially.  However, before long they were smelling each other and respecting each other's area of the room.  I don't know if it was because they sensed she was a puppy or that Great Pyrenees' were on the "friends List",

but the cats never had a problem with Lilly invading their home.  Even as she grew rapidly and tried to get the cats to play with her, they never appeared to be afraid of Lilly.  In time Lilly would chase the cats, but that was always in good fun.  Unfortunately for Lilly, Puff and Pooh's idea of fun was NOT playing with a dog.  They'd usually just find a cat tree or counter top out of Lilly's reach and wait until Lilly's urge to play subsided.


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