Great Pyrenees

Sunday Morning Walk With The Dog

Perfect timing - early morning with the sun peeping over the mountains and streaming through the trees.  A picture perfect morning, but in our opinion, every morning in Montana is perfect.  When walking our Lilly Belle every day, we see what some people save all year to do - see Montana.  I never was a "walker" until we got our Great Pyrenees.  Both of us need the daily exercise and a walk to the mailbox is 2/3 of a mile, so I try and take her out at least once every day. 

During the winter months, we don't always get to have our walks.  The snow or the cold seldom stops us, it's only when the driveway is icy that I chicken out.  This past winter we didn't miss many days as I'd usually walk the shoulder and stay off of the blacktop.  If the snow gets too deep to manage, Lilly has to settle for her 1 acre playground out back.

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