Step This Way, Please

Lilly's step to access the Lilly PadGreat Pyrenees and all large dogs are susceptible to hip dysphasia and other bone/joint disorders.  Previously, I pointed out that our 4x4 truck stands high off the ground.  Consequently, we didn't want to challenge Lilly with having to jump up or down from this elevated platform. 

To remedy this access problem, I made a step that lodges between the metal step bar and the vehicle frame.  My ingenious "stair tread" was fashioned from a pine 1x12" board with a lip at one end to hook under the frame and a 2x5 wedge that rests along the metal step bar. 

The pine board was covered with the indoor-outdoor carpet; glued and stapled to offer secure footing for our pooch. 

Lilly was a bit hesitant in mounting the step at first.  We encouraged her by dropping doggie treats on the tread and above - on the platform.  The first few times we embarked on an outing, we could get her to climb up on the tread with her front paws, but not complete the action of entering the cab. 

We learned to lift Lilly's rump and place her hind legs on the step before she would follow through.  After a few experiences, she gained her confidence and used the step as expected.

  1. The "rim" that locks in place under the truck cab's frame keeps the step from pulling away from the vehicle.

  2. This 2x4 brace rests against the chrome step bar and prevents the step from being pushed in (under) the truck.  Because of these two locking points, the step is solidly anchored and permits no wiggle of the board.

  3. The stair tread is made from a pine 1x12" board covered with carpet, which is glued (exterior carpet glue), folded over and stapled on the underside.


This picture offers a better view of the underside of the step tread.

  1. The 2x4 that rests along the chrome step bar
  2. The "rim" that locks under the door frame
  3. Pine 1x12" board covered with carpet shows carpet folds.






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