Pepper, Our Pekepoo

For fourteen years, Pepper was our constant companion.  Actually, she was mama's shadow and best friend.  Pepper originally was an uninvited guest as she "appeared" without being sought after.  You know the story, a well meaning friend thinks you need a puppy and shows up with a surprise.  However after a few moments of resentment, anger, or just plain helplessness, you surrender to the puppy. 

Pepper was a superlative dog with more personality than most people possess.  She had a way of making you feel like she was performing just for you.  We swear she could smile and she was always happy. 

Pepper was possibly the most intelligent dog I have ever known. She was capable of all kinds of tricks which her mama taught her and she was a natural performer. 

When she wanted food or a cookie, she would come to you and bark and lead you to the pantry or kitchen counter where the cookies were kept.  Make no mistake... this was "mama's dog" and Pepper moped about when mom had to leave.  The one exception was early morning when Pepper knew that mom was sleeping and she also knew how to wake old dad for her morning romp outside and breakfast. 

One of Pepper's funniest quirks was that she was dreadfully afraid of cameras.  Maybe it was the memory of a flashbulb, but all you had to do was grab a camera and Pepper headed for the bedroom and the safety of hiding under the bed. 

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