Do Pyrs shed?

Pyrs are notorious for staging an annual event known as "coat blowing" - or the great blow out!  During this ritual, its like they continue to grow hair just so that you can comb more out of their coat - it seems never-ending.

The picture at right shows the result of one "daily" brushing.  You can expect such a routine to produce huge quantities of hair EVERY day of the coat blow out.  It helps to give your Pyr a side of beef to chew on while you attempt this brushing unless you feel that you really need the exercise.  Our Lilly thought this was a fun game.

The Short Answer Is YES!

Great Pyrenees do shed.  However... I must admit that our Pyr does not shed much except for this coat blowing ritual.  We've had other dogs (and 3 cats), so we're accustomed to finding pet fur, but we don't often find long white hair during most of the year.  Daily shedding may be more of a problem if your Pyr is an inside (or warm climate) dog. 

We are told that the coat blowing can occur twice per year, but so far we have only had the pleasure once in Lilly's first year.  Again, this may be because she is an outside dog... to be continued.

A New Look

The two pictures below show our pooch after she dropped all that hair.  She looked like someone else's dog.  But the new look didn't last long. She immediately began to sprout new growth. 

Lilly with her cigar (rawhide chew) after shedding pounds of hair.

The unique tail and coloring is the only clue that this pup is a Great Pyrenees.
Without all that long, flowing hair she looks like some other dog.


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