Lilly The Skunk Slayer - Aftermath

By five o'clock that morning, the funeral pyre had died down enough that I could leave it unattended, and Lilly seemed to be pleased that the skunk was no longer visible or stinking up her neighborhood. Although the skunk was now history, Lilly's double coat of long hair wouldn't quite give-up the smell as advertised.  It was better, but our baby still has a lingering heady aroma a week after she snuffed that poor skunk. (pic at right is skunk prior to ignition)

Although we were back in bed around five, we were only able to sleep for a couple of hours.  We had to call our veterinarian and the Animal Control office to find out if there was anything we needed to do as a result of last night's escapade. That's when I learned that I should not have torched the skunk. It seems that they need to examine the skunk's brain to determine if it is rabid - and we had no brain left to test. However, we did learn that no case of rabies in skunks had been discovered in our part of the state in more than fifteen years and Lilly's shot card was up to date. Animal Control did take a precautionary measure and imposed a thirty-day house arrest on Lilly. We are not supposed to take her out of the county or let her mingle with other animals while she does her time in this lock-down quarantine.

One week later:

Lilly is doing fine and she has not murdered any new skunks. In fact, the word must have gotten out among the furry ground dwellers because I haven't seen a skunk, prairie dog or pine squirrel in the past week.  Also, we haven't been able to keep Lilly separated from her feline housemates, but neither Puff nor Pooh seem to be threatened by this big white skunk-slaying Pyrenees.

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